Nyamira: Parents beat Form four student to death for stealing Sh.30

A Form Four student from Bosamaro, Nyamira county, died after being beaten to death by his parents.

Last Saturday, Bivon Ogamba from Kiang’inda Secondary School stole 30 bob shillings from his elder brother.

When his parents found out, they beat him with a metal rod.

Ogamba was bedridden and in pain for a week, the weight of his ordeal resting hard on him.

“Bivon was a good boy, and we are all shocked that he lost his life over KSh 30. He was a studious student who had a lot of aspirations and after he was beaten up we didn’t know how serious it was until he cried for helping to alert the neighbourhood. it is very sad,” one witness told the media.

Neighbors who rushed to the scene found him coughing blood.

He was rushed to the hospital where he unfortunately, succumbed to injuries afflicted on him.

Local police have taken custody of his parents and his elder brother, who are suspected of being involved in this heinous event.

The hope now rests with the court system to guarantee that justice is done and that the truth about Ogamba’s sad death be revealed.


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