Murang’a doctor under probe after boy he signed consent form for dies during surgery

The investigation into the death of a young boy at Kenol Hospital in Murang’a has focused on a doctor.

During a regular treatment to remove implants from his injured hand, 17-year-old Eric Mwaura passed away.

The detectives are attempting to determine how the surgeon also served as the boy’s legal guardian.

According to reports, the doctor approved the Form Four student’s consent for the procedure that resulted in his death while he was under anesthesia.

“This is irregular because the doctor also assumed the role of the patient’s parents. It is necessary to establish how this happened and whether it’s standard practice,” the report says.

Typically, a patient is given a permission document outlining the details necessary to enable one decide whether or not to undertake a procedure.

Additionally, it passes to the patient all additional risks related to the surgery.

A close family or guardian must decide whether to sign on behalf of a juvenile, as was the situation with Mwaura.

Charity Kirigo, Mwaura’s mother, has vowed to keep fighting for justice despite her son’s passing.

The mother, 47, claimed she was informed by the hospital that she was not required to be there because the procedure was minor, according to a story by Nation.

She added that the hospital continued to bill her KSh 80,000, which included payment for the fatal anesthetic.

“The bill included KSh19,000 for the anaesthetist, KSh38,200 for the surgeon and KSh15,000 for the theatre,” she said.

The facility’s Dr. Peter Ndegwa indicated in his post-mortem report that the child died as a result of complications from anesthesia.

According to his expert assessment, the anesthesia led to the Mwaura secreting too much fluid into his lungs, a problem that he claimed should have been averted.

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