Kisii man returns home after missing for 50 years

Residence of Masabo village in Kisii county broke into celebration after their long-lost kin came back home after being away for decades.

They villagers gave him a red-carpet welcome.

Samuel Abuga left home when he was just 40 years old ago to seek greener pastures and never looked back.

According to Capital FM, the 93-year-old man never contacted his family and no -one knew his whereabouts; they finally gave up thinking he had been killed during the Mau Mau war and life moved on.

When the family divided their land, they left a small portion for him to build a house in case he came back.

“We recently got information that he resides in Makueni, we sat down and agreed to get him back home because this is where he belongs, “said Abuga’s brother.

They dispatched Enock Abuga, a grandson to fetch him and when he went, he first informed the area chief whom together they interrogated him about his past and family; he found out he is his grandfather.

“We left for Kisii,I informed people back at home who started preparing for his homecoming,” said Abuga.

A granddaughter married into the family recounted being told of an uncle who disappeared years ago and the occasion presented her with an opportunity to meet him.

“I am happy to see him live. I only get tales of an uncle who left home for good, not even his photo was at home for his memories,” said the granddaughter.

While in Makueni, Abuga married three times but divorced all of them. He came back home without a family.

Abuga said he went to search for greener pastures and he found his way in several places but finally resided in Makueni.

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