Kenyan Women Beat Man To Death In Saudi Arabia For Failing To Pay For Services

Some Kenyans have been heard criticizing Saudi Arabia on numerous occasions. This is due to the fact that some Kenyan employees who were employed as house managers in the Arab nation were abused.

In addition to being mistreated, some Kenyan women have had the unfortunate misfortune of passing away there.

There are some Kenyans who have succeeded in earning a sizable sum of money, nevertheless, by working as home managers in Saudi Arabia.

A credible source has reported that certain Kenyan women may be facing major difficulties in Saudi Arabia.

The source claims that a group of Kenyan women thrashed an Arab man after he allegedly mistreated one of them.

Although it is unclear why the women did not turn to the police to resolve the issue, it appears that they seriously injured the man because blood was visible in the video that was supplied by the source.

Even though several Kenyans suffered abuse while living in Saudi Arabia, this does not entitle Kenyans to act out by striking a man for mistreating one of their own.

Instead, they ought to make an effort to resolve things amicably.

Here’s the video that has since gone viral:

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