“Unajiita businessman, what business do you do?” – Jimal slams Amber Ray’s lover Rapudo

On social media, a fight has broken out between Jimal Roho Safi, the socialite’s ex-boyfriend, and Kennedy Rapudo, the father of Amber Ray’s child.

After Amber Ray made a suggestion that Jimal had taken back a Range Rover he had previously given her, the argument came to light.

When Amber Ray made the public announcement that Jimal had given her a brand-new, white Range Rover in March, the dispute got underway.

Amber Raye expressed her gratitude to Jimal for sending a delivery person for the car on Instagram, noting that she was having trouble driving her current Jeep.

“Ehe, Kiongozi aliskia nateseka kutumia Jeep sahii venye iko juu. Akanitumania gari. Enyewe never burn bridges, May God always bless you for me Chairman,” she captioned the post.

However, in a subsequent video, Amber Ray indirectly addressed the issue of men taking back gifts from their partners.

“Please, when you buy me a Range Rover, make sure you don’t take it away from me like some men did. You wake up, and you don’t feel like making breakfast for him, and he is like, ‘I’m taking the Range back.’”

Following Amber’s posts, Kennedy Rapudo assured her that he would ensure all the necessary documents for the Range Rover are in her name before she officially receives it.

In response, Jimal threw some shade at Rapudo on Instagram. He indirectly cast doubts on Rapudo’s claim of being a successful businessman.

“It’s irritating to call yourself a businessman while we don’t know what you do or your office. #Jamalrohosafi.”

To this Rapudo responded by posting the hit song Kaskie Vibaya by Fathermoh, which talks on living a fake lifestyle and wearing counterfeit designer clothes.

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