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Pesa Otas! Eric Omondi flies to U.S for lunch after CS Kuria’s mockery, thanks him

In a recent interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, comedian Eric Omondi responded to Moses Kuria’s statements about supporting his vacation to the United States seven years ago in a funny manner.

Eric joked that he was returning to the United Kingdom, but this time he would be sponsoring himself.

“Naenda UK just kuonyesha Moses Kuria. Aliniongelesha jana leo just to show him i can go. Mungu amenibariki,” Eric Omondi said.

Eric is shown confidently striding through the airport in the video, which was posted on Thursday, proudly showing off his ticket to the United Kingdom.

He stated that he was travelling to the UK to prove a point to Moses Kuria, who had mentioned their previous trip. He expressed gratitude to God for providing him with this chance.

Eric used the occasion to discuss the planned taxation and its impact on youngsters.

He highlighted that if the youth were taxed, they would be unable to finance their own trips and would be forced to rely on others for financial aid.

“”Mimi nikikujibu nakujibu na action. Thank you bwana Kuria for Sponsoring my tour 7 years ago but please don’t tax content creators 15% so that they are able to tour on their own. Wewe unaelewa struggle ya vijana na wasanii ambia Orezo awapatie time kwanza wa grow,” he said.

He planned the trip to extend Eric’s horizons and expose him to the globe.

He appeared to be upset, though, that Eric opposed the measures in the Finance Bill 2023.

The CS chided Omondi alleging that the money he used to support the funnyman then, he (Kuria) should have instead used it to have fun.

“Ni lazima tuwe watu ambao tunajilinganisha na dunia nzima. Nimeskia Eric akisema ni kijana. Miaka saba iliyopita nilichukua pesa yangu nikampeleka America ndio aone vile dunia iko. Saa hii vile anaongea, afadhali ningetumia hio pesa kwa sherehe,” Kuria stated amidst laughter.

Omondi who was also on the same platform had taken a swipe at the President William Ruto-led administration claiming it has been making empty promises.

He further dismissed the Housing Fund saying it was a wrong conversation.

“I want to call out the Kenya Kwanza government because we heard them on the campaign trail where they promised Kenyans cheaper life, a better life and an easier life,” he said.

“We are having the wrong conversation; we are talking about housing. The discussion should be about the high cost of living.”



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