Dennis Okari explains why he never paid dowry for his wife Naomi

Dennis Okari, a former journalist for Nation Media, has talked openly about his second marriage to Naomi Joy.

On February 15, 2019, Okari and Naomi exchanged vows at Ridgeways Baptist Church in Nairobi in front of only invited guests.

Four months ago, the father of two and his better half exchanged heartfelt notes in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary.

Okari, one of the attendees at the Daughters of Zion (DOZ) meeting on Saturday, June 24, at Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), hosted by Reverend Kathy Kiuna, admitted he never gave Naomi a dowry.

“I never paid dowry. When you get into marriage, you learn it is like a transaction. My wife and I sat down, and I told her, ‘this is the money I have in my account.

If your uncles want to charge me 10 cows and other things, I don’t have that kind of money.

So I’m going to give you a wedding, I’ll take you to a nice place for honeymoon, I’ll get you a house, but for now I don’t have this kind of money'” he said.


“What my wife did is she went and spoke to the mother and told her not to ask me for any dowry.”

Okari claimed that when he visited his in-laws with his father and uncles, they responded “nothing” when asked what they desired his family to send as dowry.

“They came out of the house and told me, ‘you’re the luckiest human being on earth. They didn’t ask for anything’.

The promise I made to my wife was, I’ll do something for your mother, and a year later, I built her a new bedroomed bungalow,” he narrated.

Dennis Okari and his wife Naomi JoyImage: COURTESY
Dennis Okari and his wife Naomi Joy Image: COURTESY

According to the media personality, some men go through a lot during dowry talks since they are asked for a large sum of money but are unable to pay it.

“I never paid dowry but did something special,” he said.

The two have kept their relationship private.

Dennis was previously married to Betty Kyallo but they separated six months after their wedding.

Ex-wife Betty Kyallo had wished him well in his found new love.

She said,”No pain whatsoever, happy for him. Wish him the best and to everyone else who’s gone or going through the same thing, you’re human, life happens, move on and find your happiness.”

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