Boda boda rider wrestles 5 police officers, bites one as he escapes arrest

A video shows a boda boda rider wrestling five officers during an attempted arrest in Mombasa surfaced on social media on Saturday, June 17.

Initially, one cop was seen approaching the middle-aged man, sparking an argument between the two.

During the incident, which occurred on Thursday, June 15, a boda boda rider shoved one of the officers, forcing the other four officers to arrive on the scene.

The officers came in quickly to apprehend the motorist, with one attempting to handcuff him.

The motorcyclist can be heard shouting in the video, pleading with the officers to let him go, saying that he had done nothing wrong. He explained that he was picking up a customer and needed to go back to work.

“Leave me alone afande (police). Let me go. Please tell these officers to let me go,” the man stated.

While attempting to resist arrest, the man was also captured biting one of the officers – almost wrestling another one to the ground.

A crowd quickly approached the scene paralysing traffic along the two-way traffic road.

“Leave him. What you guys (police) are doing is not okay,” the crowd was heard shouting.

The motorist under siege, however, was able to overpower the cops and made his way out of the scene as the other officers embarked on the traffic control that was building up.

It is yet to be established whether the motorist was later taken into police custody while the offence he was accused of committing remained a mystery.

After the video emerged online, Kenyans commented on the incident as a number of social media users differed on who was wrong.

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