Azziad Nasenya says older people are bitter, jealous of her success

Azziad Nasenya, a 23-year-old social media sensation, thinks older people are resentful and jealous of the success she has achieved so young.

The TikToker said this during a live radio interview with Mwende Macharia in reference to the abuse she consistently receives when she celebrates her birthday and the things she has been able to accomplish.

She recognized that while some people could think she looks younger than her actual age, others might think she is young and appropriate for her age.

“I believe some people have limited thinking where they feel like if someone is 20-years-old, they are not supposed to have achieved a certain thing, its only people who are like above a certain age.

And you will find people older than me have many more problems and they can’t understand how a ‘child’ has achieved all these things. I think it comes from a place of bitterness if you ask me. These people are jealous of me because how would you explain this?” Azziad told the Radio Maisha presenter.

Azziad Nasenya
Azziad Nasenya

In 2020, Azziad became well-known after posting a video of herself sensually writhing her waist to the popular local song Utawezana.

She was able to leverage the attention, her good looks, and her choice to promote herself as a sensuous dancer to score brand partnerships, accolades, and employment.

While other children wanted to be doctors and lawyers, she said in the interview that she wanted to be a famous star and that she is now living her dream.

She said that she is a trained journalist by training and that she auditioned for the post just like everyone else and was fortunate to get shortlisted.

She made this statement in response to individuals who believed she got her radio job because of the social media celebrity. She underwent three more months of training before going live on the radio.

Azziad is currently the most popular female TikToker in Kenya and is particularly well-known for this.

She admitted making an average of Sh 100,000 every month when she went live in 2020. She adds, however, that while she is not a professional dancer, she can dance and enjoys it as a pleasure. Additionally, she vowed never to turn into a dancing video vixen.

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