“I will beat you” – Arrow Bwoy tells man who body-shamed Nadia Mukami

Musician Arrow Bwoy has come to the defense of his fiancée, fellow artist Nadia Mukami, after she received body-shaming comments from a digital content creator known as Sabato Sabato.

The insults were directed at Nadia’s post-pregnancy figure, insinuating that she had lost control and needed to visit the gym to retain her artist’s appearance.

”Mimi nataka kuadvice huyu msanii, bytha me napenda ngoma zake, my friend, my friend wewe msichana rudi gym, music and being an artist appearance ina matter hivo venye unajiachilia dada, hata Amber wa jaba amejifungua na amemaintain wasichana wengi wamejifungua na wamemaintain, rudi gym,” Sabato said.

Nadia expressed her outrage in response to the body-shaming remarks and defended her right to appreciate her post-pregnancy figure.

She reminded the troll that she had recently given birth and was still breastfeeding, emphasizing that her primary concern at the time was the well-being of her baby.

Arrow Bwoy tells man who body-shamed Nadia Mukami
Arrow Bwoy tells man who body-shamed Nadia Mukami

Nadia chastised the internet user for resorting to body shaming and advised him to shift his attention to other things if he wanted to get attention.

“Don’t body shame me!! If you want to trend use something else, not my body! Who brought you up? A woman? She should be ashamed! I like my body till my baby reaches around 2 years!

“For now, I will eat since I am still breastfeeding!! You don’t like my body, there are other female artists you can listen to! Mark this comment !! You will never enjoy parenthood!” Nadia angrily wrote.

Arrow Bwoy defends Nadia Mukami

Arrow Bwoy chimed in to support his fiancée, expressing his disgust with Sabato’s statements.

Arrow Bwoy tells man who body-shamed Nadia Mukami
Arrow Bwoy tells man who body-shamed Nadia Mukami

He swore to take action if Sabato mentioned Nadia’s name again, claiming that only he understood and appreciated the beauty of Nadia’s body.

“Find other ways to create content, but not by body-shaming others, and if you cross the line again, I will beat you. Touch someone else, but don’t touch my wife.

I am the one who knows the sweetness that lies within that body, I am the one who knows its beauty,” Arrow Bwoy said.

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