Yesu wa Tongaren: I am very poor, my only wealth is hair and beards

The self-proclaimed messiah Eliud Wekesa, also known as Yesu wa Tongaren, claims he is not as wealthy as is commonly assumed.

The controversial preacher said that his New Jerusalem Church members do not contribute much, claiming that on a good Sabbath, he only collects between KSh 500 and KSh 700.

In an interview with NTV’s Gumzo La Sato, Yesu explained that when police visited his house while he was under investigation, they only discovered KSh 250.

His treasures, according to the clergy, are his hair and beard.

“I am not wealthy. My church’s offering ranges between KSh 500 and KSh 700.

When I was arrested, they searched my house and only found KSh 250 that had been collected that day. They also found six tomatoes and four onions,” said Yesu.

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Yesu was released unconditionally on Tuesday, May 16, after being detained for five days.

Yesu wa Tongaren
Yesu wa Tongaren

He was suspected of leading a religious cult in Tongaren, posing as Jesus Christ, preaching radical ideas to his followers, encouraging money laundering, and acquiring, possessing, or using proceeds of crime.

After being released, the self-proclaimed son of God stated that the officers were friendly to him while he was detained.

“I can’t lie that the officers here have maltreated me. I’ve prayed for them with all their generations,” said Yesu.

Yesu Wa Tongaren demands gifts from journalists

Yesu wa Tongaren recently asked journalists to show their appreciation for him in the form of gifts.

The self-proclaimed savior expressed his belief that journalists earn significant sums of money from the interviews they conduct with him regularly.

He revealed that many people have informed him that journalists have profited considerably from their engagements with him.

Yesu Wa Tongaren
Yesu wa Tongaren

However, despite this alleged financial gain, he lamented the lack of reciprocation when it comes to basic gestures such as offering him even a simple soda.

“Wanahabari, sitahofia kuongea hili. Wengi wananiambia mmetajirika sana. Lakini hata wakija huku nyumbani hawanipeeko hata soda,” he said.

“Wacha niseme wasikie. Ata shilingi tu elfu moja mpe yesu ni ngumu sana. lakini naskia tu watu wakisema kwa nini hawakupeeko kitu,” he added.

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However, he explained that he does not focus on these matters because his mission has not come easily.

“Hii mambo iko. Lakini huwa siangalii hayo maana hii kazi haikuja tu kwa njia rahisi,” he noted.

He recalled being labeled as crazy and sick by others, admitting that those descriptions might hold some truth.

“Wengine waliniita mimi mwendawazimu, mgonjwa na kweli nakubali,” he said.

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