Hamtanitisha, jaribu mwingine! Uhuru breaks silence on stolen sheep from Northlands

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta talked for the first time on Monday, April 22 about 2,000 unknown goons storming his family’s Northlands City farm in Ruiru, Kiambu County on Monday, March 27.

Uhuru said during the party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC) at Ngong Racecourse that he kept silent throughout the audacious assault, which resulted in the looting of rare sheep valued Ksh70 million and the destruction of an unknown number of trees.

“We handed over power in peace, publicly and in broad daylight. I stayed quiet even when they insulted me, stole my goats and set my farm on fire, all while thinking I was being threatened,” Uhuru stated.

During the raid, around 1,400 Dorper sheep were kidnapped and carried away on the shoulders of the intruders, who took advantage of the opportunity to make quick money by selling them to passersby for as little as Ksh1,000.

Speaking on Monday, Uhuru said that he will not be moved and shaken by threats.

“Kuna wale ambao wanadhani kazi ya ni ya vitisho . Lakini sasa wajaribu mwingie , sio mimi,” he said.

Uhuru went further and told the delegates that his thoughts had told him he would resign from the party as the party leader.

“My thoughts had told me to relax on politics and go attend to other duties. I thought that today at this meeting that I would resign and said that my time is up and elect other leaders,” he said.

However, the party leader said that Jubilee will remain strong and united as one.

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