Pritty Vishy unveils new boyfriend from USA

Pritty Vishy, a Kenyan influencer and digital content maker, has introduced her new boyfriend, DJ Starvy.

Pritty posted images of her new man on Instagram with a nice statement expressing her love for him.

“I love everything about you, about us,you just make everything beautiful….you know you drive me crazy right?I LOVE YOU BABE ❤️@dj_starvy.”

This is not the first time the content producer has introduced her man on social media. She revealed her breakup with a man she had introduced months before last month.

Vishy revealed that she was heartbroken after the man she loved left her life, despite the real love she showed to the point of tattooing his name on her finger.

“You give someone your heart, and he plays with it…adi unamchora tattoo lakini wapi…But, in any case, we carry on.”

Pritty highlighted that any man interested in dating her must understand and accept her worth, and only those who meet her requirements will be considered.

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