Nitamvuruga! David Osiany’s fight with Aoko escalates as he takes her to court

Former CAS David Osiany has taken legal action against controversial blogger Maverick Aoko for maligning his name.

Confirming the news, Aoko posted on her Twitter account that she had been legally served by Osiany’s lawyers.

“I deactivate my account for safety reasons, and I’ve said this a million times… They can’t attack what they can’t find. But did I tell you that I got served? I can’t wait for my day in court,” part of her statement reads.



This was after Aoko alleged she was in a relationship with the former CAS.

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However, the tweep has dared Osiany to bring it on, as she warns of more vayolence.

“CAS has a very viable option, he knows why I’ve waged war on him. Out of all names I mentioned, he should ask himself why ni yeye nalima sana.

Atume tu emissaries, I’ll listen. But hii kifua anajaribu, nitazima. I don’t have a firm or family to protect. Achunge,” she dared Osiany.


“But mtu alitembea uchi kwangu hawezi kula pesa ya Covid na juzi anitumie lawyers.”

Former CAS David Osiany with wife Syombua mwele
Former CAS David Osiany with wife Syombua mwele

Osiany has been married to Syombua Osiany for the past eight years and the couple has a daughter together.

Earlier on, Osiany responded to Aoko’s accusations, saying:

“Your two minutes of fame is up! Time to make you pay for this silliness in the name of clout-chasing. I’m going to ensure this is the last you do. And I’m not buffing.”

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Aoko however dared him to bring it on saying she was ready to argue her case on the matter.

“Wait for ANYONE Including Osiany to sue me. Then unfollow me. Disregard me. Tell him I’ve said aende Hague, I’ll do the needful…”

A collage of Maverick Aoko and former CAS David Osiany
A collage of Maverick Aoko and former CAS David Osiany

Aoko went on to issue some demands to Osiany which included them having a sit down to solve the matter amicably.

“David Osiany has only two options 1- sit me down and talk to me over a hodgepodge of things. A woman is scorned is lethal.”

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