More tears as bread prices increase by KSh 10

Kenyans will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy bread now that the price of the item has risen.

A 600g loaf will now cost KSh 100, up from KSh 90 previously.

A 400g loaf of bread will now cost KSh 70, up from KSh 60, and an 800g loaf will cost KSh 140, up from KSh 130.

The price of 600g bread, on the other hand, has risen from KSh 90 to KSh 100.

“As a result of increased prices of raw materials in the baking industry, the cost of production has become untenable and hence we have increased our prices effective from May 22, 2023,” a notice by bakers read as reported by Business Daily.

Despite a decline in wheat expenses to $310 (KSh 42,733) per tonne from $529 (KSh 72,922) a year earlier, the price of bread climbed by KSh 10.
Kenyan bakers complain about high production costs.

Manufacturers pointed out that the weakening shilling made it harder for the price drop to be reflected on store shelves.

Broadway’s chief executive officer, Bimal Shah, highlighted rising sugar prices as one of the causes driving up manufacturing costs.

“The cost of production has significantly gone up. A good example is the price of sugar, we use a lot of sugar in making bread and this has had a direct impact,” Shah said.

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