Pole sana! Lawyer Donald Kipkorir loses his mother

Popular city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has lost his mum who has been battling cancer for years now.

His mother died on Saturday, May 27 while undergoing treatment in India.

Breaking the news on his Twitter account, Kipkorir said that his mother fought her aggressive cancer with stoicism, fidelity to God and courage.

“She never once cried in her searin 1. Yesterday, my Beloved Mama, Katarina rested & is in the bosom of Abraham.

My mum fought her aggressive cancer with Stoicism, Fidelity to God & Courage. She never once cried in her searing pain. I thank God for giving her to me. In the heavens, she finds peace & serenity.”

The lawyer had on May 19 this year flown her mum to India for specialised treatment, “praying that the best oncologists in India will give my mum respite and healing.”

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir when he flew her ailing mother to India for cancer treatment on May 19, 2023.

“On my way to India with my mum. The Commandment to honour our parents is the only Commandment with assured Blessings …

My Beloved mum Katarina has undergone so much pain .. Praying that the Best Oncologists in India will give be my mum respite & healing. May the heavens hear us,” he said at the time.

Kipkorir’s mother has been ailing for a while.

On September 2022, the lawyer penned a heartfelt message to his mother, wishing her a quick recovery.

He said his mum is in pain after radiotherapy sessions and asked his followers to remember her in prayers.

“Today, my prayers and thoughts are on my mother who is bearing the pain, hurt and side effects of radiotherapy sessions. May your prayers shake the heavens to heal my mother: my morals and life North Star,” he said.

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