Kenyans scramble for free milk after KCC lorry overturns in Kericho

Residents of Kaptolonyi scrambled for free milk after a truck transporting cartons of milk overturned on the Litein-Sotik route.

The lorry, which was transporting 1200 cartons of long-life Tetra Pak milk packages from KCC Sotik to Nakuru, reportedly overturned as the driver attempted to avoid a collision with a boda boda rider.

The atmosphere quickly became chaotic, with a hive of activity as Kenyans hurried for the drink to cool their dry throats.

According to eyewitnesses, as soon as word of the tragedy spread, more local residents hurried to the scene, racing to carry as many cartons as they could while others drank the milk to their hearts’ content.

The residents reportedly drank the milk to their fill before some of them started selling the now-expensive commodity.

They sold the packets, which are currently selling at KSh 75 at KSh 20 each.

When police officers arrived at the scene, no milk could be seen apart from used packets.
Lorry driver left injured in lorry

Jacob Kimutai, the driver’s colleague, disclosed that the driver veered off the road and landed in a ditch

It took the intervention of other motorists on the route and Kimutai to rescue the driver who was clearly in pain.

He was rushed to Litein Mission Hospital for treatment.

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