Inside Citizen TV Lilian Muli’s Farming Business ( Details)

Media celebrities are often known for presenting news, comedy and entertainment in general. However, most have taken on other tasks and some have turned out to be money minting ventures.

In this story, we take a look at Lilian Muli’s business ventures in her effort to supplement her income.

In 2022, the media personality launched an exquisite spa at Sound Plaza in Woodvale Grove, Nairobi.

The spa is called La Modelle and aims at giving clients a quintessential hair and beauty experience.

Muli’s parlour offers a range of services including hair, make-up, spa, hair cuts pedicures, manicures among others.

Previously, Muli owned a fashion shop that dealt with slim fit dresses.

In the recent times, Lilian has tried venturing into lucrative agribusiness.

Speaking in an interview with Kenyans, Lilian revealed that she decided to try out selling oranges from her family farm, Manora based in Machakos county following a bumper harvest.

“Our family farm has an orchard where we sell fruits commercially and on a large scale – bananas, mangoes, oranges depending on which fruit is in season and we also have a dairy farm,” she explained.

It is when she posted oranges on her social media pages that she got multiple orders of varying quantities from interested buyers.

She priced her oranges lower than the market value which was still three times the cost of the input and the orders started coming in through her Instagram direct messages.

“Due to the fair prices, people were ordering in bulk, sacks on sacks that I even contracted some riders to fulfill orders to different parts of the city,” she explained.

The media personality explained that the orders were plenty that she was unable to fulfill some noting that the produce was sold out in two weeks.

From the responses, Muli saw that the agri-business venture had plenty of market, especially through social media platforms.

“So now I am looking how I can scale up the business on my end and plan for it because there is money here,” she stated.

The Citizen TV anchor further encouraged anyone with the means to take up agri-business either fulltime or on a part-time basis especially with the uncertainty of employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Young people especially, should not look down upon farming as it can provide income when done well. People were saying that I am hawking oranges, and I very proud of that, so do not let anyone make your hustle look little if that’s where the money is coming from,” she advised.


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