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“Everyone makes mistakes” – Eldoret woman begs for forgiveness after killing son

A 26-year-old lady from Eldoret in Uasin Gishu county was arrested after being linked to her son’s death and an attempt to murder her other child.

The woman is claimed to have turned against her children after a marital feud with her husband resulted in the death of her two-year-old and the injury of her six-year-old.

Speaking to the press following her arrest, the 26-year-old mother from hell pleaded God and the community for forgiveness, claiming she was in extreme agony and loneliness.

“Everyone makes mistakes. In my life, I have never had any bad intentions towards anyone. I have been living with my kids peacefully and wishing them a good life ahead.

However, due to the stress I had and no one to talk to as everyone thought I was a bad person.

I did not have the intention to kill. I pray that God forgives me and lets my child rests in peace,” she said in interview with KTN.

Christabel Jepkogei also justified her horrible deed on her husband’s difficulties, claiming that he preferred one of her children above the other.

“He loved the little child more than the other and this pushed me to do that,” she said.

The woman received harsh criticism from her neighbors, who stated she should have found another method to resolve her difficulties with her husband rather than endangering her children.



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