Court directs doctor to take care of patient’s child until she turns 18 after failed vasectomy

A court has ordered a doctor who performed a failed vasectomy on a man and promised him that he no longer needed to use contraception to care for the patient’s daughter, who was born after the procedure, until she reaches the age of eighteen.

According to, doctor Diego Naranjo of Medellin, Colombia, is now responsible for spending millions of pesos to support his unexpected child’s care until she achieves universal adult suffrage.

According to reports, the man went to the doctor in 2012 to undertake family planning procedures, but ended up leaving his wife pregnant and had an unplanned baby the following year after getting amorous. Sperm tests later revealed that the vasectomy had failed. The children’s parents

“As a result of this unexpected conclusion, the patient was not recommended to continue using contraceptive methods to avoid the risk of pregnancy.

When it was proven that the parents did not want to procreate more children, it was concluded that there was an impact on their life projects that had repercussions in the immaterial field, especially considering the precarious economic situation of the father, who currently cannot work due to their health problems,” the court is quoted to have said.

It is reported that Dr Naranjo will have to pay the patient’s family 80 current minimum wages, or 92 million pesos ($20,300) in moral damages, 60 million pesos ($13,200) in legal fees, and 143 million pesos ($31,500) to support the unhappy family in taking care of their unplanned child.

However, interestingly, the said unplanned child is now 10 years old, so the doctor only has eight more years to have some respite.

The child’s father reportedly suffers from a debilitating condition called severe bilateral hearing loss, which prevents him from working. He experiences frequent dizziness and vomiting and must wear a hearing aid to hear properly. With his condition, he is unable to work for income to take care of the little girl.

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