Brave Luhya woman fights armed robber, saves his frightened husband in their Kitale shop

Police are looking for a suspect in a failed robbery attempt at a shop in Kitale’s Lions Area.

Samwel Kamau, the proprietor of Kanana Shop, and his wife, Caroline Nafula, were preparing to close their shop on Friday, May 26 when they were approached by an armed thief.

The thief, equipped with a G3 weapon, directed the two to hand over the day’s sales to him, according to a police statement.

Nafula surrendered, raised her hands, and exited the store while Kamau, on the other hand, remained in the shop while his hands were up as well.

After then, the thief shot one round of ammo between the lady’s legs.

She valiantly wrestled the robber, and the pistol slipped from his grasp and dropped to the ground. The husband hurriedly grabbed the handgun and locked it in his car.

Unfortunately, the robber was able to flee. The police discovered a G3 riffle with serial number 95070344, one magazine containing 11 live cartridges, and four spent cartridges at the scene.

The situation was photographed, and the riffle was stored as an exhibit at the armoury pending further police action.

Should you fight back if you get robbed?

It’s generally not recommended to fight back if the person who is confronting you is armed, and you are not trained or you’re not trained to deal with that situation.

Here are the Safety Tips To consider during a Robbery 

  • Do not resist the robber. The money is not worth risking a life.
  • Cooperate with the robber and do not try to become a hero. Robbers almost never hurt anyone who cooperates.
  • Do not use weapons against the robber. Introducing another weapon into the situation increases the chances of someone becoming injured during the robbery.
  • Follow the robber’s commands, but do not volunteer to help. The longer the robbery takes, the more nervous the robber may become and more apt to become violent.
  • Gun. If the robber displays a firearm or claims to have one, consider it loaded and dangerous to your life.
  • Activate the hold-up alarm, without being obvious to the robber, and alert other employees by using prearranged signals.
  • Be observant. Plan to be a good witness. Try to notice as much as possible about the robber.
  • The number of robbers and their clothing description, as well as any names used by the robbers.
  • Any peculiarities shown by the robber (i.e., smelled of alcohol, appeared to be “high” on drugs, etc.).
  • Description of any weapons used. Try to notice barrel length, barrel color, color of grips, whether a pistol is automatic or a revolver.
  • If the robber uses a note, place out of sight to retain as evidence.
  • Lie down instead of waiting for the robber to decide what to do such as knocking you down or tying you up.

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