How to Apply for New Generation Number Plates, According to NTSA

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has clarified the nine-step process needed for a motorist to apply for a new generation number plate after concerns were raised by the public.

How to Apply for New Generation Number Plates, According to NTSA

While responding to the queries, NTSA affirmed that a tape lift report is not required by the motorist before filing in the application.

Tape lifting is a process through which the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) verifies whether the chassis number and the engine number of the vehicle are the same as the details provided in the registration documents. On completion, the motorist is issued with a tape lift report.

According to NTSA, the new number plates are filed within seven working days after the motorist pays the Ksh3,050 fee.

In the case of motorists with lost or defaced number plates, they were advised to select the new generation number plate at the third phase and upload the logbook and the pictures of the two plates in a PDF format.

The Authority also clarified that motorists applying for the new plates for a private vehicle were not required to undergo an inspection before applying.

“You are not required to undergo an inspection. Apply via your account and upload the logbook and pictures of the 2 plates in a PDF format,” read part of NTSA’s response.

How to Apply for New Generation Number Plates, According to NTSA

For drivers whose log-in credentials did not work, they were advised to log in using the ID number as their username.

A section of the motorists lamented that they had applied for the new generation plates last year and were still awaiting NTSA approval.

In response, the Authority affirmed that follow-ups were being done to resolve the issue and clear the backlog of applications.

According to the Authority, the process of acquiring new generation number plates would only take seven days and three days for the transfer of logbook ownership.

In addition, the new plates would also be synchronised with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) systems to nab tax defaulters.

Here is the nine-step process for applying for the new Generation number plates:

NTSA Announces 9 Steps for Applying New Generation Number Plates

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