Ruto responds to Raila Odinga’s latest threats

President William Ruto has lashed out at Azimio la Umoja and dismissed the planned Kamukunji rally set to be held on Monday, January 23.

Speaking during a church service at Kerugoya stadium, Kirinyaga County, Ruto poked holes at the Opposition’s motive for the rallies- stating that it was a ploy to serve his interests.

The head of state, however, affirmed that the country would not be taken hostage by select people who did not have their way during the August 9 General Election.

“Those who are against the peace, and unity in the nation and they want to bring us old stories. I want to promise Kenya that we will not allow the country to be a hostage to threats and blackmail from a few people who are looking for their personal interests.”

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“So do not be afraid, Kenyans. I will not allow a few people to threaten us so that we get distracted from the promises which we’re to give our people. Our focus won’t be swayed to serve their interests, hence we are telling them no more,” Ruto stated.

Further poking holes at his critics, Ruto noted that the opposition ought to be satisfied with the spoils they earned through threats from the past administrations.

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“What you got from threats, let it be enough and satisfy you. Let us now work for the people. We can’t be catering to the same people day in and day out because they want to organise a rally. Do it all you want but the country will move forward.”

In addition, Ruto issued a stern warning to cartels in the agricultural sector, revealing that they are part of the financiers behind the planned rallies.

“I hear it’s them (cartels) who are financing the rallies because we ordered them out. Let them organise the rallies but our firms can no longer be the slaves of brokers and cartels who have taken hostage our markets,” Ruto noted while directing his deputy Rigathi Gachagua to whisk them out.

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Gachagua, while addressing the congregation, promised to crack the whip on the Azimio politicians before resuming his roles.

“Go and look for those who were with you because our president is busy. You have looked for Jeffrey Smith as a whistleblower. What you’re doing is what you have done all these years.

“My duty as the Deputy President is to protect the leadership of President William Ruto. And no one will bother him under my watch,” he stated.

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