REVEALED: Why Kamene Goro was fired from Kiss Fm

The reason for Kamene Goro’s departure from KISS FM has been revealed: frequent absenteeism with insubstantial excuses and a persistent fall in the KISS FM Breakfast Show’s rating.


According to Radio Africa’s management, Kamene, who was apparently earning over 500,000 shillings, was not making any steps to improve her show or halt her frequent absences.

“Kamene made a regular habit of not showing up to work, and she could give all manner of excuses most of the time, saying she was sick, and later she would upload photos and videos on social media of someone in a totally different situation,” a source revealed, (as quoted by Nairobi News).

Kamene skipping her shows went on for a while before a disciplinary hearing was set up, revealing finer details.

“Colleagues she closely worked with said she would text them an hour to the start of her show at 5AM, saying she won’t make it to work and request someone to step in for her,” the source added.

On the show rating, the numbers started declining, leading to it not attracting lucrative adverts from corporates, given the salary Kamene was taking home.

“The ratings had dipped over time compared to when she first joined the station and hence the show wasn’t attracting advertisement and based on her huge salary, it was deemed fit to let her contract run out and hire someone else.”

She will be presenting her last show at the station tomorrow, 27 Jan, and her spot will be taken by Kwambox who quit Standard Group’s Vybze Radio to join Radio Africa.

Source: Buzzroom

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