Meet Dennis Karuri, the man taking the Kenyan beauty industry by storm

Dennis Karuri is a Makeup Artist and model who would give serious competition to many women.

Dennis Karuri likes to explore and show off different face-beat looks via his social media pages just to reiterate how good a makeup artist he really is.

And true to it, Dennis Karuri is on many netizens’ lips for his looks and outstanding personality, and his gift as an MUA cannot be overlooked, he’s really good at it, you cannot take that away from him.

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A lot of conversations usually see him getting juxtaposed with other men’s women in terms of beauty and beautiful facial features and most often than not, he’s usually the victor of these juxtapositions.

KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) reactions:

“Nikama hii mwaka tuta badilisha mrengo. Jambo very much @denniskarurii Hi tena sana Mi Amor. I have pride & ego that is at it’s optimum level, but am giving you a one in a lifetime opportunity to lower my value & dignity- Use me!!” @georgediano

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“If you really think Dennis Karuri si mrembo. Upload this photo pale whatsapp halafu tegea comments za watu hawamjui. Na usikasirike uncle yako akisema “unaleta mgeni lini?” All the best!” @Osama_otero

Here are some if not all of Dennis Karuri’s images that will easily convince you that he is actually pretty than your girlfriend.

10 photos of Dennis Karuri that can make you leave your girlfriend

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