“Magoha predicted his death” – Friend Walter Owanda recounts his last moments

A friend of the late George Magoha’s family has recounted the events leading up to the former Education Minister’s death.

Walter Owanda, speaking to the press at Nairobi’s Lee Funeral Home, said Magoha had collapsed four times before his death.

In the early stages of Magoha’s alarming tendency, his son Michael, a medical doctor, would attempt to resuscitate him, but all efforts would be futile.

“He greeted me and said “ooh you have come”, I started taking his blood pressure, but it was not recording, after some time he slept off from his sitting position and we took him to the car. The wife and my driver followed. They were ahead of us about 200 metres,” said Owanda.

Adding that;

“From the information, he collapsed, and he was resuscitated by his son who is a medical doctor then 100 metres to the casualty of Nairobi Hospital he collapsed again, and he was rushed to casualty, there was resuscitation which took some time but were unable to resuscitate him.”

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