Gospel artist Nicah The Queen exposes Luo musician for sending her 200K despite rejecting him

Nicah the Queen, a gospel musician, has sent a warning message to Luo artist Emma Jalamo, claiming that he has been sending her money despite her explanation that she is in a serious relationship.

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Nicah claims Emma Jalamo is ruining her relationship with Dj Slahver, her fiancee.

According to Nicah, the story began with late-night phone calls and progressed to the artist putting her on Facebook.

Nicah claimed on social media that Emma Jalamo sent her Ksh 200k via Mpesa, leading her man to believe anything was going on between them. After she repaid the money, the artist noticed her Instagram post and followed her to Mombasa.

Nicah insisted she has no idea who Emma Jalamo is.
She described how he offered her tickets to Malaysia and blank cheques, but she refused because she is not a socialite or a golddigger.

Nicah is currently frustrated since her partner saw certain images and abandoned her and the children in Mombasa.

The stalker has caused problems in her relationship, and she hasn’t seen her guy in a long time.
She said that Dj Slahver has blocked her on all platforms and that she is unable to contact him to explain that the photographs were staged.

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She pleaded with her fiancee to return, saying she has nothing going on with Emma Jalamo.

Her fans on social media have however expressed that Nicah might be faking the story to chase clout, and the two artists might be working on a song together.

Below is the post shared on Instagram.

“I know this will look bad on me but I don’t want to lose my relationship @emmajalamo please please I’m in a serious relationship and you are causing me problems with my man!

You started with calls at weird hours of the night now it has escalated to you posting me on Facebook…The other day you sent me 200k on my M-PESA causing my man to think we have something going on! I reimbursed the cash to you and if that was not enough you saw my posts on Instagram and followed me to Mombasa offering me tickets to Malaysia and a blank cheque!

Please I’m not a socialite or a gold digger to accept such offers!I told you I’m engaged and all you kept saying was you don’t care…Slahver walked out on me and the kids in Mombasa and till now I have not set my eyes on him! @slahverdon if you see this…please come back! I really don’t know Emma Jalamo, I really don’t! You’ve blocked me everywhere I can’t even reach you! The pics you saw was a set up someone took them while I was warning him….I don’t have anything going on with him! Please please please #jesusgurl.”

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