Akorino lady ‘impregnated’ by twins loses her newborn baby

Emily, the Akorino woman who claimed to have been impregnated by identical twin brothers, has lost her newborn child.

The family, known as the Kimathis, shared on Facebook that they lost their daughter because they couldn’t afford to take her to a better hospital.

Kui, the newborn, became ill, and her parents rushed her to a hospital in Nyandarua county.

However, the line was extremely long, and they had to wait for many hours before seeing a doctor.

Kui was born in January of this year. Many people congratulated the parents on their baby bundle of joy after they announced the wonderful news on social media.

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Emily Kimathi came to the limelight in 2022 shocking Kenyans with a clout-chasing stunt where she claimed that she was dating two twin brothers; Peter and Teddy.

What took the breath away from many was the fact that she was pregnant and didn’t know who among the twins was the father.

“I don’t know who the father is, juu unaona saa hadi tunashare the same bed. So I can’t tell who the father is.”

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At the time Peter and Teddy (her fellow clout-chasers) both said that they wanted to know who was responsible but they were elated all the same.

Early in September went on with her scam telling YouTuber Nicholas Kioko that she lived with the identical twins and their romance was thriving. “Wote wawili ni mabwana zangu. Nawapenda wote wawili.”

She added that she dated one brother who was busy and the other would step in oftentimes. Apparently, Peter had met Emily first at a church function.

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“I took note of them but the one who caught my attention is Peter. He had also noticed me. Then he approached me,” she said at the time.

After the Kenyans learnt that the three had lied about their relationship, they all ended up seeking forgiveness and prayers during a church ceremony.

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