Popular DJ killed by revelers for refusing to play requested song

A Kilifi family is mourning the death of their son, who was slain by revellers at the County Lux Comfort Hotel on the eve of Christmas.

According to Nation, the 27-year-old disc jockey (DJ) Salim Moriasi, popularly known as DJ Goodie, was attacked by revellers after failing to play the music they had requested.

George Abuga, a family spokesman, accused the club’s management of attempting to shield individuals implicated in the murder.

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Abuga was perplexed as to why the club’s management would book their kin as an unknown individual despite the fact that he had worked there for six years.

“I attended the postmortem. The damage on the body indicated that it was by a combat person. The murder was grievous, and the same club claims its long-time worker was an unknown Kenyan male. Our son was brutally murdered in cold blood by known people, and clips are circulating all over, and so far, nobody is in custody,” Abuga said.

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It is reported that Moriasi was rushed to Mariakani sub-county hospital where he succumbed to injuries while undergoing treatment.

Alexander Makau, the Kaloleni Sub County Police commander confirmed the incident, saying key witnesses have already recorded their statements.

“The postmortem report has confirmed the murder of the deceased. We are up to the task to ensure we bring all the culprits on board for legal action,” he said.

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