Meet Safaricom C.E.O Peter Ndegwa, the highest paid CEO who takes home 288 million as salary

Have you ever asked yourself how much salary Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa earns per month?

According to Business Daily, The communications boss took home Sh 288.9 million salary in the financial year ended March 35, 2022.

This was a 43 per cent growth from the Sh. 202 million he earned in the financial year 2020. This put his total at an average of Sh. 24.075 million per month.

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Ndegwa received Sh. 178.8 million in bonuses during the year, a 98 per cent increase from the Sh 90 million he took home the previous year.

In his first salary as Safaricom CEO Last year, every month, Ndegwa earned a salary of Sh. 16.79 million.

His basic pay for the year ended March 35, 2021, stood at Sh. 102.3 million.

He then received an additional Sh. 90 million bonus and Sh.9.2 million in non-cash benefits.

Ndegwah first pay at Safaricom was higher than what the late Safaricom chief executive officer Bob Collymore earned in his Last year as CEO.

Figures showed that Ndegwa’s salary was higher by Sh. 590,000.

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