Governor Simba Arati Offers to Sponsor Baby Sagini’s Full Education

On Sunday, December 18, Kisii governor Simba Arati vowed to finance Sagini’s schooling until he can support himself.

Leah Ogega (Health) and Eric Miyienda, members of the County Executive Committee (CEC), accompanied Arati as she visited the young person (Sports, Culture and Arts).

The governor also promised to cover the Ksh100,000 medical bill that Sagini incurred as a result of being hospitalized after a gang kidnapped him and gouged out both of his eyes.

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The governor claimed that Sagini’s situation had made his administration realize the need for setting up effective rescue facilities.

“It is quite unfortunate that such an act can be meted out on a three-year-old boy. We need to ensure there are proper facilities within our county to support such cases,” Arati remarked.

He also disclosed that the county government would set aside money in the supplemental budget to maintain and outfit a rehabilitation center so that it could better serve the local population.

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Dan Kiage, the director of Kisii Eye Hospital, announced that the hospital would collaborate closely with the county administration to support the youngster at the rehabilitation facility.

On Wednesday, December 14, unidentified individuals gouged out Baby Sagini’s eyes before abandoning him close to their home in Ikuruma village in Marani, Kisii County.

When Sagini broke away from the group of kids carrying water, the following day he was discovered moaning in agony.

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