“Uui uui uui!” – Girlfriend stabs Police officer before fleeing in Zimmerman

Police are looking for a woman who is suspected to have stabbed her ex-lover, a police officer based at Zimmerman police post.

In a statement on Monday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said the suspect attacked the officer as he left her house on Sunday night.

“According to the officer, his former girlfriend had invited him to her house to rekindle their once blissful relationship,” DCI said.

“But the officer turned down the overtures and informed his jilted lover that their relationship had run its course and he had since moved on with his life.”

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DCI said that failure to reach an agreement, the suspect followed him discreetly as he left her residence.

Upon reaching the gate to the apartment, the suspect stabbed the officer before fleeing into the darkness.

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The officer sought and well-wishers responded immediately.

“They rescued him and rushed him to St John’s hospital where he received first aid before being transferred to a specialised facility within the city for further treatment,” DCI said.

DCI said that the officer suffered a stab wound in the abdomen and is currently in stable condition.

Couples have been urged to seek alternative dispute resolution methods other than violence.

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“Given the increased cases of knife attacks between couples, the DCI advises couples to seek alternative dispute resolution methods including seeking the intervention of family members, counsellors, church leaders instead of resulting in criminal acts whose consequences could be dire,” DCI said.

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