“Sitarudia tena!” Wavinya Ndeti apologises to Kenyans for dressing like Riggy G

Wavinya Ndeti, the governor of Machakos, has apologized to online users for ‘dressing improperly’ when speaking to her county’s citizens on her birthday.

On Tuesday, she received criticism from Twitter users for the way she was dressed.

Some jokingly claimed that she had hired the tailor that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua had fired.

In the run-up to and immediately following the elections, the DP’s attire became the subject of memes.

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But she pledged to work on it.

Ndeti vowed to take care of her appearance and that she feels “blundered” because she is now concentrating on the needs of the public.

“Lakini nyinyi wakenya, enyewe mmeniweza. One thing I now know is that you love me being smart. Sitadissapoint tena. Nowadays I care more about your needs. Love you guys,” she tweeted.

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