Kwani relationship hukondesha? Mammito says she added weight after Breakup with Eddie Butita

After her breakup with comedian Eddie Butita, according to comedian Mammito, she added weight.

Mammito confirms breakup with Butita

Mammito revealed her marital status to Kameme TV.

“I do not have a man in my life. I am single and any single man who is interested can hit my DM,” she said.

Then, Mammito was questioned about the status of her friendship with the comedian.

She retorted that the relationship had made her more attractive.

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“I have God and I want to be with the love of God.”

Butita has never addressed the situation.

During his birthday, Mammito ignored him but Butita said he was unaware of any potential issue and that perhaps Mammito had forgotten to wish him a happy birthday.

Comedian Eric Omondi, however, claimed that Eddie Butita was dumped by Mammito.

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