Kenyans React As Priests Bless New Branch Of Quiver Lounge: “Bariki mzinga!”

Social media users have expressed a range of opinions in response to a video showing two priests blessing the new Quiver Lounge location in Kenol.

In order to start the new branch of the club off on the proper foot, two Catholic priests were invited to bless the location.

In the video, a group of people followed the priests as they scattered holy water around while carrying a basin filled with it.

The club is a business, just like any other, according to some social media users who have viewed the video, and asking for a blessing is a good idea. Others have claimed that it is improper for a priest to bless a location where people gather to drink and have fun.

The decision seemed to confuse Kenyans who did not understand why a priest seemed to be endorsing a club especially since Christians are against alcohol and night life.

Here are some of the comments from Kenyans online:

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sosuun: I haven’t lived to see enough yet….Matemo!🤦🏽‍♀️😂

_mahindr_a: Lemme ask him can God get related to opening of a a bar business?😢 Am tired of this world even priest out here joking with the word of God

_this.is.ethan_: Holy basiLIQOUR

mattinn_maja4: Jokes on this preacher,,,don’t mix water n wine

fabiankoshn: Hii imebarikiwa unakunywa hadi uzime

ogutiantony: Apa ukijaribu usherati… KaBOOM 😂

_i_am.irene: Wuueh pombe na kanisa😂😂

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djjefreykings:Biashara Inaanza na Baraka za Mungu🙌🔥

_that.icon: Wueh sawa..mnasema tutakua tunakunywa neno apo😂

carrensistee: Wuuueh😂

beyondpurple_galleries: Kanisa inabless clabu😂😂😂aaaaaah hizi ni gani sasaaa😂😂😂

_.__2k: Bariki mzinga😂

rhodamaria_: 😂😂😂 Kenya is full of jokers😂

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