DJ Evolves advises Kenyans to enjoy life while still alive: “Life is short”

Felix Orinda, better known as DJ Evolve, has made significant progress since being shot by lawmaker Babu Owino.

The DJ uploaded a picture of himself lazing around in the sun while taking in the lush surroundings and tea trees.

Evolve posted the picture and a comment encouraging his followers to enjoy their life to the fullest on Instagram stories.

The song “Insomnia” by the late rapper Takeoff was posted along with it.

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It read:

“Life’s short. Make the best of it while you can.”

DJ Evolve was recently seen having a great time at an indoor party with his friends.

DJ Evolve was grinning broadly as he went through his phone with his friends while they enjoyed a bite and a pot of shisha.

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