Papa Shirandula actress Kawira says she regrets losing virginity to her ex-husband

Joy Karambu, better known as Kawira, an ex-Papa Shirandula actress, has come forward to admit that while she was married as a virgin, losing it to her ex-husband was a complete “waste.”

Kawira claimed to have grown up in a church where virginity was highly valued. She admitted to leaving her past boyfriends anytime they requested a bed in an interview with TUKO.

“I wish it was with someone else and not that person. It was such a waste,” said Kawira.

According to the former actress, she started seeing bad character traits in her husband immediately;y after the wedding but could not leave as it was too soon.

“He would get angry at petty things that I didn’t expect would make anyone mad,” she said.

In sad vice, Kawira also claimed that her husband used to beat her.

“You will be slapped then told that it was love if it was a way of loving someone then I didn’t know it,” she said wistfully.

“I did holy matrimony for real. I never slept at his place and I wish I did that, I was a virgin. He was violent and yet he was a pastor,” she added.

In comparison to the people in her local church back in Meru, Kawira said Nairobi churches are full of pretentious people.

“You can meet someone in a bar and he turns out to be a good husband or meet someone in church and he turns out to be a lousy husband,. It’s a gamble,” said Kawira.

Kawira has since cautioned people against smooth operators. She wishes she came out earlier instead of being couple goals and posting pictures to depict the same.

She is now with so much peace and has vowed to never marry again.

“Nikiskia the word marriage kichwa yangu inasikia baridi. (Whenever I hear the word marriage my head becomes cold,” said the mum of two.

Kawira revealed she prayed and fasted for a husband and dated Ephantus for two years.

After marriage, things didn’t go as she expected despite trying to work things out. She left her husband after six years of marriage because they didn’t match.

The mother of two moved out of her matrimonial home and revealed for now she was focused on her career and not ready to fall in love anytime soon.

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