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Congratulations! Jalang’o enrolls for Master’s Degree

Felix Odiwuor, a member of Lang’ata, has applied to Daystar University for a master’s degree.

Although he did not specify his field of study, Jalang’o, as he is known to his admirers, said that he wants to continue his studies.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development from the same college just under two years prior.

Jalas thanked everyone who had helped him along the way and dedicated his degree to his father.

Additionally, he recalled how MC Jessy, a fellow comic, and a Daystar executive had urged him to continue his schooling since it would expand his choices.

“Were it not for Jessy, the would have never happened. Yaani Jessy I just don’t know how to thank you. I don’t know how to just say thank you again, because in 2013 there was this amazing man at Daystar University he was called bwana Kilonzo, the Communications Director.

“So Kilonzo calls me akaniambia ‘Jalas hii mambo ya kuchekesha chekesha watu siku moja itaisha. There are new comedians up each and every single day. Lakini ukienda shule that will never be taken away from you. So nakuomba kabisa kuja shule’.



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