Aisha Jumwa cries uncontrollably while narrating how she was forced into early marriage

Aisha Jumwa, a former candidate for governor of Kilifi, sobbed on Tuesday as she described how she was coerced into an early marriage.

Jumwa, who is the candidate for the CS award for public service, gender equality, and affirmative action, also revealed how she was raised in a low-income household and how her parents battled to provide for her and her 27 siblings.

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Jumwa was invited to describe the history of her life as an opening statement when she appeared before the National Assembly Committee on Appointments.

The former Malindi politician, who was fighting back tears, said that she was forced into marriage at a young age after failing to complete grade eight due to a lack of school expenses.

“My parents were poor, they used to struggle to provide for me and my other 27 siblings,” she said.

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“I attended primary from 1983 to 1991 where I dropped out due to lack of school fees. I was at home and there was absolutely no prospect to expand my horizon.”

“Early marriage awaited me with open arms, I became a mother of my firstborn. This is one of the practices that must be curbed.”

She would later enrol for KCSE in 2011 as private candidate.

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“When I lost elections, I reflected and took stock. I went back to school and completed KCSE in 2011. I Proceeded to JKUAT he graduated with Governance in 2022.”

She also obtained Masters in Executive leadership in 2015.The former PSC Commissioner said she is worth Sh100 million.

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