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“This is the last time we are having this ceremony” – Ruto says as he flags off relief food

On Monday at State House in Nairobi, President William Ruto signaled the beginning of food distribution to famine-stricken families in various parts of the nation.

In the next weeks, President Ruto promised that the government would oversee the regular distribution of the food aid and track the results of the action.

A total of 23 counties in Kenya, home to over 3.5 million people, are in danger of going hungry as a result of climate change’s considerable impact on many families’ ability to raise food.

During the ceremony, Ruto said, “We have 20,000 bags of rice, 20,000 bags of beans and assorted animal feed together with cooking oil that will go to various parts of our country that are facing serious challenges of drought.”


“The next consignment of food to areas affected by drought will be on Friday, and on a weekly basis, we will assess the situation and see what this intervention will mean for the people around the country.”

In order to help Kenyans devastated by the drought, President Ruto ordered the Ministry of Water to distribute water in bowers immediately.

However, as the administration searches for a long-term, sustainable solution to the food scarcity, the head of state declared that this would be among the last of such events.

“I hope that this will be among the last times we are doing this kind of ceremony, where Kenyans are facing starvation and hunger. I think is it possible for us to have a much more pro-active approach to situations like these,” he said.



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