Maajabu! Awinja holds lavish baby shower for her hen | MKENYA LEO

Maajabu! Awinja holds lavish baby shower for her hen

Award-winning Kenyan actress Jacky Vike alias Awinja holds a baby shower for her hen Perpetua.

Awinja and her on-screen ‘husband’ also revealed the gender of their soon to be hatched chicks.

“If it’s pink then it is a hen, if it’s blue it’s a cock.”

This comes after Betty Kyallo’s younger sister Gloria Kyallo also threw a lavish ceremony ‘Puppy shower’ for her pregnant dog (pet) named Lulu.

Moments captured from the rare occasion were later shared on social media by the young actress with lots excitement.

Gloria’s close friends and her boyfriend Ken Warui are among those who graced the lavish ceremony.

“The Girl of the hour. Cheers to celebrating each and every blessing. I love this girl so much. She deserves this and more!!

“Congratulations to my girl Lulu on having her first litter,” Gloria Kyallo captioned photos captured from the event.


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