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2 Face Idibia’s Public Apology to Wife, Annie for being an embarrassment

They say, “if they wrong you in public, they should also apologize in public.”

Well, Nigeria’s top singer 2 Face Idibia has honored this saying after apologizing to his wife, Annie, for cheating and siring a sixth child outside wedlock.

2 Face took to his Instagram page to write a lengthy apology in which he insisted he was not looking for sympathy. He claimed that he understood his mistake and was willing to become a better person to his wife and children, whom he had embarrassed.

He also revealed that he is neither giving up on himself nor thinking of suicide.

His apology read, “This is no stunt I’m sorry for all the embarrassment I’ve caused my wife, my kids, my mother, and all our families and my management team.

I’m not looking for no sympathy I’m not trying to make myself look good This is no reverse psychology bullshit. I have no excuses I just want to do right by my wife, and my kids and their moms and my mom and all families and my manager and friends. I’m not quitting or suicidal or giving up. ”

2 Face had also issued another apology to his wife before posting the lengthy one. He claimed that he loved his wife and was grateful for having her in his life. He went on to apologize for messing up their love.
“Forever Grateful go u @annieidibia1 Love u till I die…U kind is rare #GRATEFUL to u forever. Sorry, I messed it all up.”

2 Face has always been cheating on Annie and fathering children with other women. His current baby mama is allegedly a banker.

Over time, the singer has always been apologizing but ended up committing the same mistake.
Annie’s supporters have urged her not to forgive 2 Face as he will continue embarrassing her.

Do you think 2 Face is serious about making things right with Annie?



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