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Pritty Vishy belittles Simple Boy’s proposal, says it was disorganized

Pritty Vishy, an internet sensation, has at last responded to the viral video showing her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy apparently proposing to his new girlfriend named Gee.

On Monday, a little clip of Simple Boy getting down on one knee and proposing went viral online.


In an interview with Eve Mungai, Pritty said the even was badly organized which makes her not to accept that her ex-boyfriend really did the thing.

She said:

Hiyo proposal haikuweza, let’s just be honest and I’m not like jealous or anything. How do you announce that you are going to propose? A proposal is always a surprise, but for this how come there were two crews (girls and boys) just chilling casually then someone comes and proposes? But sina ubaya.” 


“But for me I’m just happy for them kama ni ukweli. But if it’s not true he should find someone and be very careful. I would like him to be my friend, just because we broke up it doesn’t me we are enemies. You never know tomorrow…we might again help each other. I would want him to be my friend, he gets the best person. So if it’s true, I’m genuinely happy for them.” 

Ms Vishy claimed that she will attend Simple Boy’s wedding if invited.

“I would really love to see him say yes and the woman also say yes, so if he invites me to their wedding I will gladly show up.”

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