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The first car Samidoh bought after making his millions

Samidoh, a Kenyan musician who also works as a police officer, rose to prominence as a result of the popularity of his Kikuyu songs.

As his star rose, he had a plethora of chances to make money from recorded songs, streaming services, shows, and club appearances.

He was also able to monetize his large popularity, and he now utilizes social media to not only engage with his admirers, but also to promote brands that pay him well.

Despite the paucity of music events in the recent year, Samidoh has secured the bag in electronics, hotels, and real estate properties.

With his earnings, the musician was able to purchase a third-generation Toyota Harrier SUV, which costs between Sh250,000 and Sh280,000.

The car has a gleaming black body with golden rims, according to photos seen by Mkenya Leo.

He recently took comedian Churchill on a journey from Nairobi to Thika for an interview, which was shot in the car.

Samidoh’s vehicle is a crossover SUV, which means it combines the features of a passenger automobile and a sport utility vehicle.

The vehicle, according to car experts, provides a smooth ride even in off-road situations.

The inside of the car’s cabin narrows toward the back, and the shoulder part’s overhang is impressive.

The car’s signature is the continuous design that runs from the front grille to the headlamp.

The automobile features power-adjustable leather seats, as well as electric windows, locks, and a sunroof.

Additional safety and comfort features include numerous airbags, anti-lock brakes, vehicle skid control, multi-information monitor, GPS navigation, back seat entertainment system, and a rear view camera, to name a few.

When the musician’s family or team travels across the country, the van can easily accommodate them.

The Toyota Harrier gets excellent fuel efficiency for a medium-sized crossover SUV and can easily go the extra mile.



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