REVEALED! Why Sarah Kabu Wants To Divorce Simon Kabu (Screenshots)

By now, we all know that the Jabo Jabo couple, Sarah and Simon Kabu are not okay in their marriage. Sarah was kind enough to expose what is happening in their marriage on Sunday for us to know.

However, she has refused to comment further on the issue, and we all felt that we have been left hanging.

To make matters worse, Simon went to his Instastories yesterday to deny Sarah’s allegation that they have separated and he had kidnapped their children. We, Mkenya Leo, know that Simon’s response left you confused about which party is telling the truth.

Well, worry no more! Mkenya Leo has the gist of what really happened.

We have retrieved a Facebook post of one Wanagare Ngugi. Wangare had chatted with a relative of the couple via WhatsApp, and she decided to share the screenshots of the conversation on her wall.

Contrary to what we have been knowing, the troubles in the once perfect marriage were not caused by cheating allegations.

According to the family member, Simon has a 24-year-old daughter, who Sarah never knew about. The daughter even works at their company, Bonfire Adventures!

Trouble started when Sarah wanted to fire the daughter because she was underperforming, according to the relative. Simon refused to fire her and instead took off with their children and the 24-year-old to Mombasa.

The relative revealed that Simon took off with the children to prevent Sarah from leaving him because of their business. She claimed that Sarah is the brainchild of their business, and Simon knows that he would be nothing without Sarah.

The relative further revealed that Simon even denied Sarah access to their house to keep her at bay. He even did not Sarah’s nannies when he was taking the kids to prevent all ways of Sarah knowing they are.

Interestingly, Simon had admitted that he has a 24-year-old child yesterday in his Instastories. However, he claimed that Sarah knew about it.

Anyway, we are hoping that Sarah will give us more juice about what’s going on. Otherwise, we pray they solve their issues and re-embark on being the couple’s goals we used to know.

Here are the screenshots:

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