“My Blood Pressure Has Not been Good:” Bensoul’s Baby Mama Opens up

Sol Generation superstar Bensoul’s baby mama, Tifanny, has opened up on her pregnancy journey.

Speaking in an interview with one of the digital media stations, Tiffany claimed that her pregnancy, especially her first trimester, has been challenging though she has emerged stronger.

She claimed that she has been struggling with mood swings, as is the case with most expectant women.

She said, “Most of the time I am really excited except when I have mood swings and I can hate people.”

The beauty came into the limelight last month through an online drama that revealed she was expecting a baby with Bensoul, who is in a serious relationship with Nonie Gathoni, a woman he has dated for years. At first, Bensoul denied her by claiming that their relationship was a one-time fling. What followed was an online tiff between the women, with one fighting for her unborn baby to be recognized by the father while the other one fighting to have her man all by herself.

The drama was seemingly impactful on Tiffany’s health. She claimed that she has been battling high blood pressure because of stress.

“I have been told to lay off stress because my blood pressure has not been good,” she said.

Getting pregnant at a young age without putting everything in place is stressful, and Tiffany is no exception. She disclosed that the first two months were extremely difficult because she refused to accept that she was expecting a baby without achieving her dreams. She claimed that she only had a diploma, and her plans to get a degree ended when she got pregnant.

“Before i accepted my pregnancy while it was two months it was hard. I was wondering how I am going to do all of this but right now it is exciting and scary at the same time,” she opened up.

The damsel now wants to maintain a drama-free life to avoid stress for her unborn baby’s sake.

We wish her well.

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