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Woman in Agony as Her Son Killed While Working in Saudia Arabia

A woman has come out to share how a friend, whom she entrusted with children, killed her three-year-old son, David Gakuo Ndungu.

Speaking with Lynn Ngugi in The Lynn Ngugi Show, Maureen Njoki explained that she was forced to travel to Saudi Arabia to work as a nanny to improve her family’s life which was languishing in poverty.

She claimed that the friend, Phylis Njeri, who was her sons’ teacher, was her best option to take care of her children. She said that her family, especially her grandmother, refused to take care of her children as she would demand her to send a lot of money, yet she was not taking care of the children.

According to Njoki, Njeri killed her son while his elder son watched helplessly. She claimed that her elder son disclosed that Njeri used to mistreat them by beating them and denying them food, yet their mother always sent money to cater to their needs.

Screenshot of Journalist Lynn Ngugi and Maureen Njoki. Photo: Lynn Ngugi, Youtube

On that fateful day, according to the elder son’s confession, Njeri and her boyfriend, a man named Jack, refused to share their food with the children. The children asked for food, and hell broke loose, with Njeri and her boyfriend beating them.

The elder son claimed that Njeri smashed David against the floor, causing his death. He said that they (Njeri and Jackson) left the house immediately and took David to Mama Lucy Mortuary.

On being asked why her husband wouldn’t stay with the children, Njoki claimed that her husband was jobless and would not manage to keep the children.

Three-year-old son, David Gakuo Ndungu who was allegedly killed by his mother’s friend.

She said that she was also afraid that her husband would abandon her while she is Saudi Arabia and marry another woman using her money. However, the husband kept visiting the children while they were at Njeri’s place.

Njoki opened up to Lynn that she regretted leaving her children because she never imagined that Njeri would harm her children as she seemed like a nice person.

“Mi naregret sana sana sana Lynn. Naregret kuneda Saudia. Afadhali mtoto wangu angekufa njaa,” cried an inconsolable Njoki.

The security officers have been handling the case lazily. Njoki disclosed that Njeri’s whereabouts are unknown since the day she allegedly killed David. Njoki accused the security officers of wanting to be bribed before committing to speeding up the case.

Apart from Lynn Ngugi, Njoki’s sad case has attracted other online media, like Metha ya Kagoni, which aim at making the story as public as possible to help Njoki attain her son’s justice.



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