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Winnie Odinga accused of abusing Manoah Esipisu during Raila’s visit; KOT reacts

ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga’s elder daughter Winnie Odinga is trending on twitter at Number one after reports surfaced that she abused a top Kenyan diplomat during her father’s recent visit to the UK.

According to reports, Ruth was witnessed verbally abusing Kenya’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Mr Manoah Esipisu after an altercation in a UK Airport.

Here’s the tweet that exposed the incident on Sunday, March 20th 2022:

“Apparently, Winnie O. verbally abused the Kenyan High Commissioner to the U.K. after they missed their flight back to Kenya. The driver couldn’t locate VIP gate but somehow that was the ambassador’s fault. You’d have to be a very capricious egomaniac to think it’s okay to fix your mouth and insult a High Commissioner. When your only qualification is winning the genetic lottery and being fathered by a big shot politician,” the tweep stated.


The allegations remain unconfirmed but here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter:





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