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“Students Asked For It” – Bungoma High School Defends Sh3M Gate

Bungoma High School administration has defended a recent initiative in which the school built and launched a Sh3 million gate.

Students had requested a new gate, according to Principal Enock Andanje. The school principal said that because the school was in the heart of a town, the gate provided adequate protection.

“Students Asked For It” – Bungoma High School Defends Sh3M Gate

“We had an open forum where we discussed with students how to contain some of these issues and one of the suggestions that came from students was that we come up with a modern gate and also fence the school,” he stated.

Students had complained, according to Andanje, pointing out that the neighbouring primary school had a nicer gate than theirs.

The gate has guest restrooms and a cell, which the school administration says will be used to keep criminal suspects before handing them over to the police.

“Students Asked For It” – Bungoma High School Defends Sh3M Gate

Andanje went on to say that the gate will assist prevent the entry of illegal objects into the school, which has been the source of many of the school’s problems.

Western Region Director of Education Stephen Barongo praised the idea, saying it was a wise decision that other schools could emulate.

“We are very impressed with the move by the principal of this school to come up with such a fantastic initiative of ensuring that the school gets a modern gate. Other schools should also emulate this,” he remarked.

The school’s principal stated that the gate was funded by parents who gave Sh2,000 each, and that a portion of the funds will be used to improve the school’s perimeter wall, adding that with more well-wishers, the school’s perimeter wall will be improved.

“If we can get funding from well-wishers, we will be able to put up a perimeter wall around the rest of the school,” he stated.



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