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Sonko Offers to Help Family Get Justice after House-help Kills their Baby

Police are looking for a househelp identified as Maureen Nyaboke who is supected of killing her boss’ baby. Reports indicate that she was employed by Wangui Wambeca as a househelp before she turned to the child and killed him.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has since joined forces with a group of Kenyans online who are demanding justice after a housekeeper allegedly tortured and killed her employer’s child.


Sonko used the hashtag #JusticeForBabyAndy to call on appropriate authorities to apprehend the person who reportedly abused baby Andy and left him with inside injuries that led to his death.

“My followers have been sending me this case of a kid that was assaulted by a house help and died 3 days later due to internal bleeding and complications. Anyone close to the mother should tell her to contact me for justice,” said Mike Sonko in part.

In a public service message, Sonko recommended housekeepers to confront their managers if they have problems rather than venting their frustrations on youngsters.

“Alafu house helps mkiwa na issue na mdosi wako bonga na yeye you sort out the issue, don’t hurt young innocent souls like this handsome kid because of vengeance,” Sonko advised.

Wangui Wambeca, the mother of infant Andy, was also pushed by the former county boss to seek help from him.

Maureen left for unknown location—she is yet to be found. In case you see the photo on the ID attached below, inform the police.



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